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  • Airwolf Aerospace STC's Now Approved for the Installation of True Blue Power TB17 Lithium-Ion Batteries in 10 Helicopter Models

    January 16, 2024

    Airwolf Aerospace has received FAA STC approval for the installation of True Blue Power® TB17 Lithium-ion batteries for five makes and 10 models of Helicopters

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  • Status of STC Approval of the True Blue Power TB17 in Airbus, Bell, MD, Enstrom and Hiller Helicopters

    October 5, 2023

    Airwolf has submitted the final STC package to the FAA and expects STC approval of the True Blue Power TB17 in Airbus, Bell, MD, Enstrom and Hiller Helicopters.
    Helicopter Battery Battery location options Airbus H125 /AS350 /AS355 TB17 RH Baggage Compartment Airbus H125 /AS350 /AS355 TB17 Airbus Large door Aft Tailcone STC (Canada) & Airbus Small door Aft Tailcone STC (Texas) Airbus...

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  • Airwolf is Extending the Benefits of True Blue Power® Lithium-Ion Batteries to Over 18 Turbine Helicopter Models

    January 22, 2020

    Airwolf Aerospace is expanding its cost saving product line with new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) that will allow the installation of True Blue Power’s, ultra-lightweight fast charging, low maintenance, field proven, TSO approved lithium-ion main ship batteries on all variants of: Airbus H-125 (AStar), H-130, H-135, H-145, Bell, 206, 206L/L3/L4,...

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  • New Bell 407 Main Rotor Head Elastomerics from Airwolf Aerospace

    August 1, 2019

    Airwolf Aerospace has expanded its PMA product line with new Bell 407 Main Rotor Head Elastomerics. The new FAA PMA approved Dampers, Shear Bearings and Lead Lag (CF) Bearings are in stock for immediate shipment. These parts are equivalent to Bell P/N’s: 407-310-100-107, 407-310-101-105 and 407-310-102-103.
    Airwolf has been reducing the operating costs of Bell 206, 204, 205, 212, UH-1 and Enstrom...

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  • New 48-Month/1,200-Hour Extended Life TT Straps for Bell 206, 206L & OH-58 Helicopters

    July 31, 2019

    Airwolf Aerospace is now offering its new 48-Month AA-206-011-154-105 Rev C and AA-206-011-154-107 Rev C TensionTorsion (TT) straps for Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Long Rangers and OH-58 helicopters. Airwolf has begun shipping the improved Rev C TT Straps and guarantees that the straps will receive approval of the life limit extension from 36 to 48 months well before the current 36-month life limit runs out....

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  • New 36-Month/1,200-Hour Extended Life TT Straps for Bell 204, 205, 210, 212 & UH-1

    June 3, 2016

    Airwolf Aerospace’s Tension-Torsion (TT) straps for Bell 204, 205, 210. 212 & UH-1 helicopters have received FAA approval for a life extension to 36-months/1,200 hours. Airwolf has designed and implemented a proprietary coating for the new TT Straps to achieve the 50% calendar life extension. The addition of the proprietary coating, unfortunately, does not allow TT straps already in service...

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  • 36 Month Enstrom 480 TT Straps Have Received EASA STC

    September 8, 2015

    Airwolf Aerospace has received EASA STC 10054670 for its TT Straps for Enstrom 480 helicopters. FAA STC SR03465CH was received in June of this year. Airwolf’s Enstrom 480 TT Straps have a life limit of 36month/1,200 hours which is 50% increase in the calendar life previously available.
    The longer life Airwolf-manufactured straps can be procured through Enstrom, or directly from Airwolf. Airwolf’s...

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  • Airwolf TT Straps Solution to Emergency AD 2015-04-51 for Enstrom Piston Helicopters

    March 1, 2015

    Airwolf Aerospace announced today that they are developing an Alternate Method of Compliance [AMOC] modification kit which eliminates the possibility of Spindle Thread Failure outlined in Emergency AD 2015-04-51. The modification allows operators of all Piston Enstrom Helicopters to install TT straps in place of the existing Lamiflex bearings which eliminates the spindle threads. TT Straps are known...

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  • Airwolf Aerospace Awarded FAA STC #SR02491CH

    November 2, 2007

    Airwolf Aerospace LLC has been awarded FAA STC# SR02491CH to permanently prevent the leading-edge skin delaminaton occurring on Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter main rotor blades.
    This solution was originally formulated for Military Helicopters in the Gulf War. Helicopter blades were wearing out in as little as 20 hours due to the high sand environment. This solution has proven itself in the Iraq...

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