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We make Good things, Better

Airwolf Aerospace has been a Leader in Aviation value for over 30 years. We specialize in designing, certifying and manufacturing helicopter components that reduce your direct operating costs. We also provide value by keeping our parts in stock, so we have them when you need them.

We were the first company to certify a PMA/STC Tension-Torsion Strap and the first company to increase the life limit that had been in place for over 30 years. The development and qualification of our Bell 206 TT straps took over seven years and shows our commitment to reducing your operating costs. Airwolf TT straps have been in service since March of 2011. There are thousands in service. In November of 2012 we increased the TT strap calendar life limit by 50% to three years. We are now selling four-year Bell 206 TT Straps. In addition to FAA approval our Bell 206 straps are also approved by EASA, Transport Canada, and Brazil ANAC.

We were also the first company to have STC approved TT Straps for Medium Bell helicopters. Airwolf TT Straps for Bell UH-1, 204, 205, 210, and 212, were certified by the FAA at the end of 2015. Additional certifications include EASA, Transport Canada and Brazil. We also have 36 Month TT Straps for Enstrom 480 Helicopters and 60 Month TT Straps for Piston Enstrom Helicopters. We have an STC to convert Piston Enstrom Helicopters to use our TT Straps in place of the problematic Lamiflex and now discontinued bearings that they originally used.

Another company likes to claim that they invented TT Straps, but the first Bell helicopters flew with Bendix straps and Bendix held the original patent. Every company that makes Bell 206 TT Straps today reverse engineered them.

We continue to bring cost saving products to the market such as Bell 407 main rotor head elastomerics which are in stock. Please keep checking back to see what new costs saving helicopter components we are bringing out.