New 48-Month/1,200-Hour Extended Life TT Straps for Bell 206, 206L & OH-58 Helicopters

July 31, 2019

Airwolf Aerospace is now offering its new 48-Month AA-206-011-154-105 Rev C and AA-206-011-154-107 Rev C TensionTorsion (TT) straps for Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Long Rangers and OH-58 helicopters.  Airwolf has begun shipping the improved Rev C TT Straps and guarantees that the straps will receive approval of the life limit extension from 36 to 48 months well before the current 36-month life limit runs out.  Unfortunately, Airwolf will not be able to extend the life of the 36-Month Rev B TT Straps in the field.  Airwolf will, though, continue to sell the Rev. B 36-Month TT straps at the current low prices.  Eric Wolff, Airwolf’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development said, “Airwolf is about saving our customer’s money and giving them choices.  Our customers can decide which calendar life limit is best for them considering the number of hours that they fly the helicopter per year.  Whether the 48-Month or the 36 Month Straps are chosen, Airwolf’s TT Straps are simply the best value.”

Airwolf was the first company to introduce PMA/ STC TT Straps with the launch of its superior dry wound Bell 206 TT Straps in March of 2011.  This was followed by another Airwolf first, the life extension of Bell 206 Straps to 36 months.

Other Airwolf products include cost saving 24 month and 36-month TT Straps for Bell 204, 205, 212, UH-1, AH-1, 36 Month, TT Straps for Enstrom 480 helicopters and 60 Month TT Strap conversion kits for all Piston Enstrom Helicopters.