Airwolf is Extending the Benefits of True Blue Power® Lithium-Ion Batteries to Over 18 Turbine Helicopter Models

January 22, 2020

Airwolf Aerospace is expanding its cost saving product line with new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) that will allow the installation of True Blue Power’s, ultra-lightweight  fast charging, low maintenance, field proven, TSO approved lithium-ion main ship batteries on all variants of: Airbus H-125 (AStar), H-130, H-135, H-145, Bell, 206, 206L/L3/L4, 407, Enstrom 480, MD369, MD500 and MD600, helicopters.  European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and National Civil Agency of Brazil (ANAC) STC’s will follow the FAA certification.  The STC project for the helicopters listed above is in the final stages.  Certification should be received and the battery STC Kits will be available at the end of Q1 2020.  Helicopter models such as Bell 204, 205, 212, UH-1, and Leonardo AW119 and AW139 will follow later in 2020.

The STC installation kits include the high quality, state-of-the-art True Blue Power® lithium-ion battery, mounting hardware, simple wiring harness and the exclusive “Magic Button” digital computer / annunciator / battery warm up switch. The Airwolf STC offers an essentially plug and play stand-alone installation with only a 1 sq/in hole required in the panel for installation of the annunciator.

Now with the Airwolf/True Blue Power partnership operators can enjoy the many benefits of the high-power True Blue Power TB17 (17 amp-hour), TB20 (20 amp-hour), TB30 (30 amp-hour) and TB40 (40 amp-hour) lithium-ion batteries.

True Blue Power batteries utilize the most sophisticated lithium-ion chemistry available, providing unmatched advantages including increased power, significantly reduced weight and extended useful life. The batteries are Technical Standard Order (TSO) approved and are a valuable upgrade from heavy, maintenance-intensive lead-acid and nickel-cadmium (NiCad) alternatives. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased power — 3 times the energy per kilogram
  • Extended useful battery life — more than 4 times the life of a lead-acid or NiCad alternatives
  • Rapid recharge — Only 10 Minutes to fully recharge.
  • Back-to-back engine starts
  • Cooler and cleaner engine starts – (typically 20 secs) less wear and extended life on engine components
  • Superior high temperature and cold weather performance (-40°C/-40°F to +70°C/158°F)
  • Reduced empty weight and increased useful load — more cargo, more passengers, longer range
  • Reduced maintenance costs — 70 to 90 percent less scheduled maintenance
  • Reduced direct operating costs — less fuel, less maintenance, less ground personnel, less infrastructure
  • Reduced carbon emissions — eco-friendly NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion cell chemistry

The Airwolf Lithium-ion Battery STC will save you money, the hassle of carrying start sticks and the nagging worry of being let down by your lead acid battery.

Airwolf Aerospace has over 30 years of experience designing, certifying and manufacturing cost saving PMA and STC’d components.  Contact us for more information on the new Li battery STC, Bell 407 Elastomerics, TT Straps and other helicopter components.  Learn more about the Airwolf Li Battery STC’s and Airwolf’s other high-quality cost saving products at Heli Expo Anaheim Booth #6020.  True Blue Power® advanced lithium-ion batteries will also be on display at Heli-Expo in True Blue Power booth #5729.