New 36-Month/1,200-Hour Extended Life TT Straps for Bell 204, 205, 210, 212 & UH-1

June 3, 2016

Airwolf Aerospace’s Tension-Torsion (TT) straps for Bell 204, 205, 210. 212 & UH-1 helicopters have received FAA approval for a life extension to 36-months/1,200 hours.  Airwolf has designed and implemented a proprietary coating for the new TT Straps to achieve the 50% calendar life extension.  The addition of the proprietary coating, unfortunately, does not allow TT straps already in service to be grandfathered to the longer life.  Both 36 month and 24 month TT straps are available for sale at different price points so customers who run out the hours  or run out the  calendar limits both benefit and save money by using Airwolf TT Straps.

Airwolf was the first company to introduce PMA/ STC TT Strap with the launch of its superior dry wound Bell 206 TT Straps in March of 2011.  This was followed by another Airwolf first, the life extension of Bell 206 Straps to 36 months.

Airwolf Aerospace technical director, John Montana, said, The OEM had been talking about a life extension for the last 20 years, but never brought anything to the market. At Airwolf we don’t just talk about reducing direct operating costs, we actually do it.  Our TT straps are just the first of many new PMA parts in development for helicopters.  We are very upfront about the fact that the more operators support us buy using our TT Straps, the more new parts they will see in the future.

“For years the only ‘option’ was to live with the burden and costs of the short calendar life TT straps. Now, there’s an even more affordable, proven and FAA-approved alternative.”

Airwolf also has longer life 36 month TT Straps for Enstrom 480 helicopters and conversion kits to replace problematic Lamiflex bearings with Airwolf TT Straps on all piston Enstrom Helicopters.   Look for more cost saving PMA/STC products from Airwolf Aerospace in the near future.