STC’s for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

True Blue Power® Advanced Lithium-ion Aircraft batteries


Panel Annunciator / Digital Computer
“Magic Button”

Complete STC KIT

  • Proven TSO’d
  • True Blue Power Lithium-ion Batteries TB17, TB20, TB30
  • Mounting System
  • Wire Harness
  • Panel Annunciator /Digital Computer “Magic Button”    Controller
  • Simple Installation



  • Airbus H125/AS350/AS355 H-130, H135, H145
  • Bell 206, 206L/L3/L4, 204, 205, 212,UH-1 ,407
  • Enstrom 480
  • Leonardo AW119, AW139
  • MD-369, MD-500, MD-600


for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries


True Blue Power® Advanced Lithium-ion Aircraft batteries


true blue batteries


NEW STC BATTERY INSTALLATION KITS give you the POWER to install these batteries on your Helicopter.

STC apporval: COMING SOON!

Helicopter STC’s for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

Airwolf has STC’s for over 18 Helicopter makes and models in development-                 
Airbus H125/AS350/EC355,EC120, MD369/500/600, Bell 206 JR/LR & Enstrom 480 models will be in the first STC release

bell206 battery

  • Higher voltage during engine start 
  • Faster, Cooler ~20 Second Starts
  • Less engine wear, less maintenance
  • Increased engine useful life
  • Light Weight i.e. TB17 16.0 lbs. TB44 51.7 lbs.
  • Fully Charged in 10 minutes of flight time
  • 2-year maintenance interval
  • 50 -90% savings on maintenance costs
  • 8- Year Life
  • Nanophosphate® lithium-Ion Technology
  • Engineered to protect against over charge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature and under-temperature.


Lithium-ion Installation Photos

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Battery shot looking LH front.jpg H135-7.jpg Photo Jan 16 12 10 26 PM.jpg Photo Jan 16 12 10 19 PM.jpg Photo Feb 10 10 40 03 AM.jpg LH Tailboom battery install - Copy.jpg LH rear shot - Copy.jpg Install AS350B3 - Copy 2.jpg H135-6.jpg H125-1.jpg H135-5.jpg H135-4.jpg H135-2.jpg H125-6.jpg H125-5.jpg H125-4.jpg H125-3.jpg H125-2.jpg Side shot battery hold down.jpg


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