R22/R44 Blade Tape and Ag Spray Systems

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Apollo Spray Systems

Agricultural Spray Systems for Robinson R44 and R22

Apollo Spray Systems are available for both Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters. Developed specifically with low acquisition cost and maximum application efficiency in mind, these systems make all other systems obsolete.

Lightweight, simple to install, yet tough enough for day-in, day-out work. The DTM-3 and DTM-4 are self-powered by extremely reliable Honda engines.  We do not rob valuable helicopter lift with electrics or hydraulic systems. You have maximum lift available for your loads.

Now choose from 2 fully STC’d models, each with superior performance and low-cost economics. Low price and fast installation/removal flexibility means your helicopter becomes a true multi-mission machine.

Our DTM-4 Spray System for the R44 is the only spray system certified in the Normal category

sprayerFor product details please visit our Apollo Spray web site or contact us info.

Airwolf Aerospace
Rotor Blade Protective Tape

for R22 & R44 Helicopters

Originally designed to prevents bond line corrosion.

Protects the Leading Edge so you don't have to paint over and over

  • New Longer Lasting Blade Tape
  • Testing results: 7 times more durable
  • Now guaranteed to last 2,200 hours  "life of the blade" with purchase of extended warranty
  • 700 Hour guarantee available at a lower cost
  • Airwolf Rotor Blade Protective Tape prevents corrosion on new and old style blades

Stop wasting money and time stripping and painting your blades.

Operators told us that their blades need to be painted very 100 to 300 hours and that stripping and repainting the blades takes about eight hours so the cost really adds up over the life of the blades.

tapeOperators have been known to not completely sand down the blades when a touch up is needed. This causes paint build up that can change the chord CG creating tracking and vibration problems.  An improper “touch up” paint job also does not offer the required corrosion protection. Chipped paint should also never be ignored as it is known to cause vibration and corrosion problems.

Airwolf Aerospace is so confident that the new blade tape will be long lasting that we are offering an optional extended warranty for 1,100 hours. With this program, If the blade tape needs to be replaced before 1,100 hours a replacement kit will be sent out free of charge except for the shipping costs.

Airwolf Blade Tape protects the bond line and prevents the corrosion that causes delamination

The problem of main rotor blade delamination can be largely avoided if owners install our easy-to-apply blade tapes, protecting the joint in question. Airwolf Protective Blade Tape covers the leading edge of each rotor blade, and over the bond line, making penetration by foreign objects impossible, and reducing the risk of blade skin delamination.

We look at our tapes as an effective form of insurance against having to buy new blades. The Blade Tape kits use a proprietary polymer tape which is bonded to the blade. This prevents the leading-edge skin debonding, which occurs when the bond line is exposed due to erosion of the blade’s painted finish. The blade tape covers the outboard section of the rotor blade where history has shown debonding to occur. It seals the bond line making penetration by foreign objects impossible, and drastically reduces the risk of blade skin delamination.

“Pre-flight blade inspections required by the A.D. are now a breeze as all the pilot has to do is look up and see the blade tape is still covering the bond line. It is a great solution to a problem that affects more than 3,000 helicopters in the US alone,”


The blade tape offered by Airwolf covers the leading edge of each rotor blade, and over the bond line, making penetration by foreign objects impossible, and reducing the risk of blade skin delamination.

The Blade Tape was originally designed for use on CH-47 Chinook and S-70 Blackhawk helicopters, but had to be modified to make it compatible for the smaller, narrower Robinson rotor blade. Applied as per Airwolf’s detailed instructions, the tape prevents delamination without causing any loss in aerodynamic performance.

Delaminated Blade- This could have been prevented with Airwolf Protective Blade Tape.