TT Straps for Enstrom 480, F28, F280

TT Strap STC Conversion Kit

  36 Month TT Straps for Enstrom 480 Helicopters

Airwolf TT Strap Conversion STC for Enstrom F28 & 280 Helicopters


Airwolf STC Conversion for Enstrom F28 & 280 Helicopters

STC'd Conversion Kit includes Machining of the customer's spindles and grips to accept Airwolf TT straps. All the parts needed for the conversion are provided including: covers, pins, Lugs, cylinders, adapters, seals, and rings.

  • The FAA AD-2018-02-10 does not apply to Spindles converted by the Airwolf STC
  • We can convert spindles that have cracks at the cotter pin or thread area
  • Airwolf TT Straps have 5 year calendar Life/ No hourly life limit with only a 1,200 hour inspection requirement
  • Replaces problematic Lamiflex Bearings-  Now DISCONTINUED
    • see Enstrom's SIL 0191 in the Documents section of this page   
  • Airwolf TT Strap P/N: AA-ECD-084-280
  • FAA & EASA, STC'd   (Transport Canada accepts FAA STC)   
    • We have Complete "AOG" kits in stock for a $1,000.00 adder. Servicable spindles and grips must be sent once the customer has installed the AOG kit.
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Airwolf 36 Month TT Straps for Enstrom 480 Helicopters

  • Increased calendar life - 36 Month/ 1,200 hour life
  • TT Strap P/N: AA-ECD-084-480
  • FAA. EASA, India STC's (Transport Canada accepts FAA STC)
  • Replacement for: ECD084-1 24 Month TT Straps
  • In Stock