TT Straps for Enstrom 480, F28, F280

TT Strap STC Conversion Kit

  36 Month TT Straps for Enstrom 480 Helicopters

Airwolf TT Strap Conversion STC for Enstrom F28 & 280 Helicopters


Airwolf STC Conversion for Enstrom F28 & 280 Helicopters

STC'd Conversion Kit includes Machining of the customer's spindles and grips to accept Airwolf TT straps. All the parts needed for the conversion are provided including: covers, pins, Lugs, cylinders, adapters, seals, and rings.

  • The FAA AD-2018-02-10 does not apply to Spindles converted by the Airwolf STC
  • We can convert spindles that have cracks at the cotter pin or thread area
  • Airwolf TT Straps have 5 year calendar Life/ No hourly life limit with only a 1,200 hour inspection requirement
  • Replaces problematic Lamiflex Bearings-  Now DISCONTINUED
    • see Enstrom's SIL 0191 in the Documents section of this page   
  • Airwolf TT Strap P/N: AA-ECD-084-280
  • FAA & EASA, STC'd   (Transport Canada accepts FAA STC)   
    • We have Complete "AOG" kits in stock for at an additional cost. Servicable spindles and grips must be sent once the customer has installed the AOG kit. 


Airwolf 36 Month TT Straps for Enstrom 480 Helicopters

  • Increased calendar life - 36 Month/ 1,200 hour life
  • TT Strap P/N: AA-ECD-084-480
  • FAA. EASA, India STC's (Transport Canada accepts FAA STC)
  • Replacement for: ECD084-1 24 Month TT Straps
  • In Stock