Hiller 12E components


 Airwolf PMA Parts for Hiller UH-12

  In Stock!

Airwolf P/N Description  
     *AA-52110-3                Fork (NEW!)  
      AA-52120-5                Strut  
      AA-52120-7                Strut  
      AA-51452                   TT Pin  
      AA-63192                   TT Pin Snubber in Stock   
      AA-HPP-BR-66 Bearing  
 ++ AA-HPP-BR-75                                    Bearing                        
 ++AA-HPPRE71                 Rod End Bearing         


* The Airwolf forks have the same service life, overhaul requirements, and fall under the recuring AD which requires a dye penetrant inspection at 100 hours on the TT pin thru holes.

**AA-63192-  We only have the “rubber” snubber in stock.   We have PMA on AA-63192-5, -7, -9, -11 so we can sell the snubber as a PMA part.

++We do not have PMA on the HPP-BR-75 bearings or AA-HPPRE71 rod end bearings


Additional PMA parts in Production:

Hub-                      AA-51437-11   (Hiller  51437-11)

Incidence Arm-      AA-31389        (Hiller   31389)