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Bell 206 TT Straps

36 & 48 Month Bell 206 TT Straps in Stock!

Bell 204, 205, 212, UH-1, AH-1, AH-1W, 214 

 24 & 36 Month Bell 204, 205, 212, UH-1 (FAA, Transport Canada and Now ANAC Brazil approved for 36 months)

FAA PMA  Main Mast Bearing 
AA-212-040-136-001    IN STOCK
OEM P/N:  212-040-136-001

Bell 407 Elastomerics

Bell 407 PMA Main Rotor Head Elastomerics in Stock!

Main Ship Lithium-ion Batteries

Coming Soon!!  Airwolf Helicopter STC's for True Blue Power main ship Lithium-ion Batteries®



Airwolf Aerospace has been a Leader in Aviation value for over 30 years. We specialize in products that reduce your direct operating costs and make flying safer.  We don't just offer PMA and STC copies of the original OEM parts we make improvements where ever possible.  See our "About Us" page to learn how we made TT Straps better.  

Aero Commander 500B- FOR SALE...

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are you open?

Yes, we supply products to police, fire, air ambulance and other essential helicopter operators. Those of us who can are working from home and we have plenty of square feet in the shop area to assure social distancing.

Are your products in stock?

Yes, We always have plenty of our products in stock.

* PMA Bell 407 main rotor head elastomeric Dampers, Shear Bearings and Lead Lag bearings
* 48 and 36 month TT Straps for Bell 206 Jet Rangers, Long Rangers, OH-58’s, TH56
* 36 and 24 month TT Straps and for Bell 204, 205, 212, UH-1, and AH-1 batteries
* 36 month TT Straps for Enstrom 480 and 60 month straps and STC conversion AOG kits for piston Enstrom helicopters

Why are your TT Straps STC’d and not PMA’d?

Our TT Straps are drop-in replacements with no aircraft modification required. We acquired FAA STC to be able to attain STC validation by EASA, and Brazil and other foreign civil aviation authorities. STC is considered to be higher level of certification so the FAA asked us to sell them as STC’d parts. This  then required us to also attain Transport Canada STC validation for the Bell 206 and medium Bell straps.

Do we need to fill out a 137 form?

Yes, we ask for and put the helicopter registration number and serial number on the invoice along with an STC permission statement. We can make up a separate STC permission statement upon request. We can create an STC permission statements at any time even well after shipment. We are happy to create and send you an STC Permission Statement if it was not supplied with the straps or in cases when the straps are swapped to another helicopter.